Step in to the Dragon’s Den with Limited Edition Dragon Shield Playmats!

Dragon Shield is proud to announce the release of our new Limited Edition line of playmats, featuring artwork from our ever-popular Mint Matte, Umber Matte, and Jet Matte sleeves! Each playmat comes with a life counter and collectible dragon coin.

Experience the roar of the Mint Matte, Umber Matte, and Jet Matte dragons with three new playmats! Art on each playmat corresponds to the matching sleeve color and boasts the same high-quality of Dragon Shield sleeves.

Our innovative packaging doubles as a life counter. Simply insert the Limited Edition coin included with each box in the slots to keep track. Coins come in three different metals: copper are most common, silver are rare, and gold is ultra rare! Each coin has a deeper meaning relating to the overall world of Arcania.

Meet the Mint Matte, Umber Matte, and Jet Matte Dragons:

Bayaga, the Familiar — Once a witch’s familiar, Bayaga became the Matte Dragon after a dastardly experiment went awry. Artwork by José Muñoz

Terhna, the Living Rock — Humans climb Terhna to perform eldritch rituals of renewal while he hibernates in a petrified, rock-like state each winter. Artwork by Sabine van Apeldoorn

Bodom, the Osiris Engine — Clad in impenetrable black metal, Bodom the Osiris Engine emits a supercharged beam that lights up brighter than the sun and strips life from bones in seconds. Artwork by Robson Michel.

The playmats are made of fabric topped non-slip rubber, measuring 610x350x1,5mm (24×133/4×01/16”), with rounded corners and fully stitched edges to prevent fraying.

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