New “Tough as Scales” Slipcase Binders Available Now!

Dragon Shield, known for high quality gaming accessories, is proud to announce the release of 5 brand new Slipcase binders, with full-color dragon art and an incredible design.

Each slipcase binder comes with a hard cover that slides over the binder itself, providing for extra protection, a more stable column, and easier stacking. A compressor bar inside our slipcase binders keeps your precious cards safe and in place.

Each of the five binders feature unique full-color, wrap-around dragon art in a high-gloss finish by the incredible Godfrey Escota.

Meet the Slipcase Dragons, known collectively as The Primordials:

The powerful Primodial Dragons are reborn throughout time and appear all throughout the history of Arcania.

Kokai, the Hunger Below — One of the most revered blue dragons in all of Arcania, Kokai is known to devour petty fishermen who venture too far into her territory.

Char, the Burning Tornado — Char, a red dragon, resides in the Volcano Lowlands of Northmarch, where he sleeps in a bed of lava. When provoked, he spins fast enough to cause tornados alight with his breath of fire.

Radix, the Living Root — Radix of the Green began life as a single sapling. The sapling absorbed the souls of those buried in the soil until it grew wild and dangerous, with legs and scales, sharpened spikes and talon teeth until its eyes opened, glowing an eerie green.

Procul, the Arcane Pillar — Legend says that the White Pillar Procul is the eldest Primordial Dragon, but rumors abound that he is no dragon at all, instead embodying magic itself.

Groan, the Malificer — Driven insane by his need for vengeance, the Black Dragon Groan rots in a prison underneath the ruined capital city, each night trying to break free.

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