3 New Japanese Colors

New dragons are hatching at Dragon Shield with the addition of three matte colors to our Japanese-sized sleeves!

For the first time, the ever-popular Orange, Purple, and Clear colors will be available with a matte texture and sized for Japanese-style card games.

The introduction of Orange, Purple, and Clear brings the total colors in our Japanese line up to ten. Other colors include matte Pink, matte White, matte Black, matte Apple Green, matte Crimson, matte Yellow, and matte Sky Blue. All colors except Crimson matte are available in standard size, and posses the same high-quality customers expect from Dragon Shield.

Jose Rafael Cruzpagan III brings our newest dragons to life with his awesome manga-inspired style. This manga style is only found on the Japanese line of sleeves, and adds a brand new world to the ever-expanding lore of the Dragonverse. Make sure to read the lore on the back of the box for more story.

Meet Our Three New Dragons:

Kurange of the Mind — An orange dragon, it shares a hive mind with other orange dragons and derives its power directly from the sun.

Fukushu, of the Purple Horde— The purple dragons are a warrior class designed to continue battle under any circumstances — including nuclear decimation.

Kakush, the Grand Librarian — Kakush, the Grand Librarian was the first to discover the ancient art of Light Travel, the method by which clears time travel by riding light waves. The clear dragons keep the secrets of Arcania and the Wyrm Gate safe from those that seek to abuse its power

The Japanese-sized sleeves are 59x86mm (2 5/16 in x 3 3/8 in) and are perfect for mini-sized games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh!

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