The protection of a dragon

The Spoils TCG

The Spoils TCG

The Spoils™ is perhaps the best TCG ever conceived - and we are very proud to be the new caretakers of this legacy!

The Spoils™ is also the unique vision of a fantasy world gone terribly wrong. Sometimes comical, often bizarre, the dark whimsy and grisly humor of The Spoils™ is sure to delight and entertain.
If you resurrected JRR Tolkien, HP Lovecraft and Lewis Carroll, and then forced them to write an epic together, it might come out something like The Spoils™.

Gamewise The Spoils™ has gone to great lengths to puts the player in control of the game rather than the deck in control of the player. In general the awesome game engine works like a dream - and we sincerely believe that the game is a cut above the rest.

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“Dragons beget dragons.” ~ Chinese proverb
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