‘Wanderer’ Black | AT-34402

Card Codex – Portfolio

Beautiful full wrap-around artwork featuring the nameless Guardian Spirit known as Wanderer. Artwork by Bryan Golden.

18 side-loaded card pockets/page for a total of 360 card slots that keeps your cards safe, while the relax from a long day on the battlefield.

Each portfolio features a soft, padded cover with a wide elastic closure band and an original, collectible story on the back of the box. All pages have a soft-folded right edge and rounded corners.

  • Ultra clear polypropylene pockets on a black textured backing.
  • Index card and clear spine included.
  • Hidden acrylic sheet inside the covers makes keeps portfolios flexible, yet difficult to damage.

Wanderer, the Unfriend

He dreamt of pork pies and lemon cakes, sweet cream and caramelized bacon. So when he came upon a sheep farm, he struck. All but a lamb scattered.

“Baaah!” the lamb screeched.

“Ahhhh!” the Wanderer screamed, frightened.

The lamb ran as the Wanderer hid.

“Is someone there?”

He peaked out at the farmhouse and saw a girl of nine rubbing sleep away.

“Come out,” she said. “I’ll be your friend if you do!”

The Wanderer had never had a friend before. It sounded nice.He didn’t know what happened next, only that when he came to, he had bits of flesh in his teeth, and hungered no more.

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