18-Pocket Pages | AT-10301

Binder pages

Dragon Shield 18-Pocket Pages have rounded corners and soft-touch edges that eliminate sharp edges for good. The obvious choice for your home collection that fits perfectly with your Slipcase Binders!

  • 50 tough binder pages pr. pack
  • Side loaded
  • Made for standard size cards
  • Black backed, clear front
  • Fits all binders

Slade the Outrider

The General paused. Saturion’s knowledge of the Dragon Shields proved most useful, but his presence gave her gooseflesh. She’d seen villages obliterated, dragons of incredible power slain and slay. Yet, Saturion… “He would like us to send the Outrider through the portal. That which he calls the Wyrm Gate.”
“For what purpose?”
“To scout the world beyond.”
“Let it be. Once we are finished here, we will invade and take the Dragon Shields beyond the gate for our own. Step lively, General. Infinite power awaits…”

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